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I. PING test network card has severe packet loss.
Severe packet loss in PING test possibly has the following reasons:
1. It is caused by relatively poor network cable quality or defective network port matching. The packet loss problem can be solved only by setting SHDSL network port speed or computer network card directly connected with SHDSL to be 10M.
2. It is caused by power interference. Power supplies configured by SHDSL are grounded and uses three-pin power wires; if the power environment of users is relatively poor, power interference possibly enters equipment through ground wires and interferes with network ports, causing packet loss; at this time, the problem can be solved by removing ground wire pins of power wires, but severe lightning stroke cannot be resisted after the power supplies are not grounded. 
II. It can shake hands but is dropped frequently.
It can shake hands but is dropped quickly, which is possibly caused by poor line quality or long distance, while specific reasons can be acquired by entering equipment and checking it through interfaces. Specific operation is shown in download files.


III. Video card drivers cannot be installed through shortcut?
After drivers are installed in control panels/equipment managers one by one, restart the machine, and reinstall the drivers through shortcut.
IV. Which version of video card drivers should be installed?
Mpeg-4 video card:
When the fourth serial number counted from the left is more than or equal to 2, install hikinstall2.5.
When the fourth serial number counted from the left is less than 2, install hikinstall2.4.
Serial numbers adapt to differently driven video cards and cannot be shared on the same host.


H.264 video card:
Install hikinstall3.0
After monitoring software is installed, open the desktop server, does it prompt “the software is not registered, please register it”?
After monitoring software is installed, the video card needs to be encrypted, with the installation path of C:/JN_DVR/Register.

Can monitoring software be used without/with audio cards?
Yes. Monitoring software without audio cards needs to be installed.

After the software is correctly installed, open it. If it prompts “the graphics card does not support this software” or “the graphics card only supports one path of video software”, the machine needs integrated graphics cards or does not support the graphics card, and the graphics card should be replaced. Independent graphics cards should be nvida geforce2MX200 16M or above. ATI graphics cards are not recommended.
If the software prompts “CPU does not support this software”, the machine has low configuration. Update machine configuration such as CPU, memory or mainboard.
When entering monitoring software, if the channel display area shows pink or white,
Reenter the software or correctly reinstall graphics card drivers and replace graphics cards.
This monitoring system adopts windows2000 professional operating platform and is inapplicable for other platforms.
If false alarms or no alarm is given out after motion detection is set, motion detection sensitivity should be reset. Under normal conditions, it is normally set in the middle area and can be appropriately adjusted.
The motion detection plan needs to be set.
How to set the frame extraction recording mode?
The number of recording frames should be set as 1-10.
Compression code rate
The MPEG-4 video/audio compression ratio of this monitoring system under normal conditions is shown below:
Best image quality: 150MB/h-180MB/h, 340kbps-410kbps
Good image quality: 120MB/h-150MB/h, 270kbps-340kbps
Common image quality: 80MB/h-120MB/h, 180kbps-270kbps
Poor image quality: 60MB/h-80MB/h, 130kbps-180kbps
QCIF image quality: 20-40kbps
Audio compression: 8-32kbps
How to configure the industrial control host?
EVOC mainboard 1711VN is recommended.
Before the system is installed, carry out the following operations:
(1) Install the video card by using 3abaa018.rom BIOS, upgrade BIOS by using the upgrade floppy disk, and run amiflash 3abaa018.rom
(2) Enter CMOS, and carry out POWER MANGEMENT SETUP.
ACPI AWARE O/S: set “NO” command when AT power supplies are used, while set “YES” command when ATX power supplies are used.
RESTORE ON AC/POWER LOSS: set “POWER ON” command when AT power supplies are used, while set “POWER OFF” command when ATX power supplies are used.
(3) If ATX power supplies are used, connect bottom plate KCN3 with mainboard J3 through an attached line, and remove the jumper cap of bottom plate JP1.
The tripod head cannot be controlled.
Frequently asked questions are summed up as follows:
◆ The COM number in “system setup” of monitoring software corresponds to the COM number of the monitoring software connected with the host actually;
◆ The protocol and address of the decoder, selected from the software, are consistent with the configuration of the actually used tripod head decoder;
◆ Select one channel from the main interface first, and then control its tripod head;
◆ Judge whether 485 protocol converter is normal or not and whether the flux of the connecting line between 485 and the tripod head decoder box can be measured.
◆ There are two red lights on the bottom plate of the tripod head control box; if the sparkling one is WASHDOG, and the other is normally on, then RS485 has correct polarity; otherwise, RS485 line should be reversely connected. General A decoder 6.0 has RS485 positive & negative polarity automatic detection function.
◆ Too long distance. Please use 485 conversion driver with higher drive capability or 485 repeater.
◆ It is caused by irregular communication line or severe interference. It is recommended that the line should be kept away from interference sources by shielded twisted pairs.
◆ The decoder is damaged. What we should pay special attention to is that the input terminal of AC 220V power supply should not be wrongly inserted when General A decoder is used!
Precautions of alarm decoder
◆ The unused defense area must be connected with matched resistors.
◆ Resistors are in parallel/series connection according to normally open/normally closed states of detector ports.
◆ Protocols and COM ports corresponding to alarm decoder boxes are selected from the setting of monitoring software.
◆ Matched resistors need to be connected to one end of each detector.
◆ The matched resistance must be 2.2K or 2K.
◆ Positive and negative polarity should be noticed during RS485 connection. There are two red lights on the bottom plate of the alarm control box; if the sparkling one is WASHDOG, and the other is normally on, then RS485 has correct polarity; otherwise, RS485 line should be reversely connected.
◆ Detectors can be powered by +12V output port on the mainboard, but when there are a large number of detectors or the wiring distance is long, on-line pressure drop is increased, power voltage arriving at the front end cannot support the normal operation of detectors; at this moment, this problem can be solved in a grouped power supply mode or an additional power supply mode.
External television wall
If the television wall is connected to the server, video signals can be processed through a 1-to-2 video distributor; if the television wall is connected to the client, decoder cards can be used to convert video codes sent from the server into analog signals which are output to the television wall. (the decoder cards are in DEMO version, our software does not have this function, but our software client has the full screen display function, so images can be output to digital televisions or displays in combination with double-output terminal graphics cards.)
The review resolution is 704*576, the recording resolution is 352*288, and the resolution is 176*144 when used as telephone lines for transmission.
Size of recording files
The size of recording files is adjustable, and can be arbitrarily set by users according to the time of recording files, but it is recommended that the size of recording files designated by users should not be less than 1 minute at least and should not be more than 1 hour at most.


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