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  • Name: SmartAX MA5633

No Change on the HFC Network
Complies with DOCSIS 2.0/DOCSIS 3.0.
Supports GE/EPON/GPON mode in the upstream direction for flexible networking.
Complies with the DOCSIS CMs on a live network to increase service rate without replacing terminals.
Complies with the DOCSIS OSS on a live network to ensure that the service provisioning flow stays the same.
Provides a built-in power amplifier (optional). This feature ensures that no change is required on the HFC network with a fiber node coverage greater than 1000 home passes.
Higher Bandwidth and More Services
Provides home users with more services, such as Internet access, video, and VOD services.
Provides new enterprise VPN access services.
Provides hot spot backhaul service using AP.
Provides 16 downstream channels, with a maximum rate of 800 Mbit/s, and 4 upstream channels, with a maximum rate of 160 Mbit/s.
Is deployed on a GPON network with a recommended split ratio of 1:4 and without congestion.
High Integration
Supports two-port RF input/output or four-port RF input/output to directly connect to an optical receiver on the live network.
Supports various installation scenarios, such as in an outdoor cabinet, on the wall, or cable-mounting.
Supports 220 V AC local power supply or 60 V AC remote power supply and 60 V AC.
Power passing meets EN 55022 Class B electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.
Comprehensive QoS
Provides QoS processing capabilities, independent of the OLT, to support flexible GE/EPON/GPON networks in the upstream direction.
Supports hierarchical QoS rules so that multiple services for a single user can share bandwidth.
Highly Effective Manageability and Maintainability
When no parameter is configured, supports inband management configuration files automatically issued by an OLT to enable automatic management on the SNMP management channel.
Supports one-site deployment, plug-and-play, offline deployment, automatic deployment, and batch upgrade.
Supports remote software commissioning.
Supports network performance monitoring and optimizing, and user monitoring.
Supports Flapping statistic and CM exception diagnosis.

SmartAX MA5633
Parameters Item Description
General parameters Dimensions (H×W×D) 400mm×153mm×275mm
Weight 8.6 kg
Power supply mode 220 V AC local power supply, 60 V AC cable power supply
Working voltage range 60 V AC cable power supply: input 35 V to 90 V 220 V AC local power supply: input 90 V to 300 V
Power of the integrated device Without a power amplifier: 39 W With a power amplifier: 93 W
IP protection level IP65
Surge protection indicator Power supply port: 6 kV (in common and differential modes) Strong current: 3 kA in differential mode; 5 kA in common mode RF port Impulse Current: 3kA
Working temperature -40℃ to +55℃
EMC Class B
Installation mode In an outdoor cabinet, on a wall, or cable-mounting
Ports Uplink port GPON/EPON/GE
RF port Two options for CATV signal input and output: 1. Two input RF ports and two output RF ports 2. Four input RF ports and four output RF ports An input RF port connects to the output RF port on an optical receiver. An output RF port connects to a CM. Port type: T type (ANSI/SCTE 406-1998) and KS type (optional)
Other ports One GE electrical port, one commissioning serial port, and one maintenance Ethernet port
CATV parameters Channel frequency range Downlink: 87–1002 MHz Uplink: 5–65 MHz
Channel width Uplink: 1.6 MHz, 3.2 MHz, and 6.4 MHz Downlink: 6 MHz (American standard)/8 MHz(European standard)
Single channel frequency width Downlink: 50M bit/s Uplink: 40M bit/s
Modulation mode Downlink: QAM modulation and 64/256 QAM/1024 QAM Uplink: ATDMA/SCDMA modulation and QPSK/16 QAM/64 QAM/256 QAM
Maximum bandwidth Downlink: 800M bit/s Uplink: 160M bit/s
Number of terminals 256
Standard compliance DOCSIS 2.0/DOCSIS 3.0 Euro-DOCSIS 2.0/Euro-DOCSIS 3.0
Transmit level Without a power amplifier: Transmit level of a single channel:107dBuv Transmit level of 16 channels:92dBuv With a power amplifier: Transmit level of a single channel:126dBuv Transmit level of 16 channels: 111dBuv
Reflection loss > 12 dB (54–1002 MHz) > 10 dB (870–1002 MHz)
Input/output impedance 75 ohms
Delay < 1 ms
Power amplifier gain (optional) 20 dB
Load balance Load balance based on service stream bandwidth
Channel bonding Bonding of a maximum of 16 channels in the downstream direction and four channels in the upstream direction
SmartAX MA5633
Parameters Item Description
GPON feature Standard compliance ITU G.984 standards
Interface mode and type Single mode SC/PC (UPC)
Maximum transmission distance 20 km
Center wavelength Receive: 1490 nm Transmit: 1310 nm
Standard compliance of an optical module ITU-T G.984.2 CLASS B+
Security feature User security BPI+ authentication and X.509 authentication of a CM Anti-MAC address spoofing, anti-MAC address flapping, anti-IP address spoofing, user isolation, and source address verify (SAV)
System security Anti-DoS attack, anti-ICMP/IP attack, source route filtering, MAC address filtering, firewall blacklist, permitted/denied IP address segment, and overload control (OLC)
Other features VLAN 4000 VLANs
Bandwidth limitation on DOCSIS service Maximum holding rate, maximum peak rate, maximum burst size, and minimum holding rate
DOCSIS service type Best effort, non-real-time polling service, real-time polling service, unsolicited grant service, and unsolicited grant service with activity detection
Hierarchical QoS Hierarchical QoS based on services and users
DHCP relay DHCP Option60
Route Static routes
Management and maintenance SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3
Clock synchronization Network time synchronization

This solution consists of the MA5633 Distributed-CMTS device, MA5600T (OLT), U2000 (NMS system), and ODN. The solution is compatible with the DOCSIS OSS and CMs on a live network.

OLT Device MA5600T
An MA5600T is installed in an equipment room to provide data channels.


The device supports various applications, such as FTTB, FTTH, and FTTW.


Terminal Device CM
Huawei D-CMTS complies with DOCSIS 2.0/DOCSIS 3.0 and can connect to the CMs on a live network.


Huawei D-CMTS complies with DOCSIS 3.0 and can connect to the DOCSIS OSS system on a live network to ensure that the service provisioning flow stays the same.


D-CMTS Device MA5633
An MA5633 is installed at a fiber node to modulate and mix the data signals received from the PON network and video signals received from the HFC network, and to transmit the signals to terminal users through a coaxial cable network. It can supported GE/GPON/EPON as uplink port. The device supports various applications, such as home user access, enterprise access, and hot spot coverage.


NMS System U2000
The powerful Huawei-developed U2000 enables the MA5633 to:
Support one-site deployment and plug-and-play


Automatically obtain management parameters from the U2000(The settings take effect automatically)


Support remote software commissioning


Monitor and manage performance using CMTS services

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