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The DHS-3212V /DHS-3224V  Stackable VDSL Switches leverage the extraordinary bandwidth promise of VDSL technology, the next step in the delivery of new high-speed Internet applications to home and office users. As CO (central office) devices, these switches provides VDSLaccess to the CPE (consumer premise equipment) such as the Bridge Remote Units from the subscribers in the multi-unit, multi-tenant buildings. These switches connect to the service provider's public optical network (PON) through their Gigabit Ethernet fiber interfaces. The DHS-3212V/DHS-3224V thus provide the last-mile connection by extending the public high-bandwidth network to people living and working in business parks, apartments, dormitories, campus and hospitals.

High-speed Internet Access

With VDSL, you can now have smooth delivery of streaming

media, video conferencing, media-rich Web surfing and intensive data exchange. VDSL operates over the copper wires in your phone line in much the same way that ADSL does, but at as high as 15Mbps downstream and 15Mbps upstream. This compares with 8Mbps downstream and 800Kbps upstream for the highest ADSL G.dmt full rate.

Preserving Existing Infrastructure

The DHS-3212V/DHS-3224V switches preserve users' existing infrastructure by delivering data at multi-megabit asymmetrical throughput per port to the subscribers side over any twisted-pair wires.

Proven Performance at 1,500 Meters

The switches deliver VDSL speeds at extended cable distance coverage. Proven distance is 1,050 meters (3,000 feet) on the ordinary phone line or Cat. 3 wiring. Depending on the quality of the cable (Cat. 4 or 5 or better), your data throughput can be up to 5Mbps at 1,500 meters,

10Mbps at 1,200 meters, and 15Mbps at 1,050 meters.

Scalable Expansion

The switches are stackable to 6 units per stack, giving your installation the flexibility of scalable expansion. 2 port density selections are available:

DHS-3224V with 24 VDSL ports

Ethernet Connection

Both switches provide an open slot for installation of an optional

Ethernet port module. Port modules available for selection include:

- DHS-321TX 10BASE-T/100BASE-TXmodule. This  module provides

a Fast Ethernet twisted-pair port that can be used to cascade VDSL switches that are closely clutched together. This port can also connect to a management station to configure and monitor the traffic going through DHS-3212V/DHS-3224V stack.

Complete FTTH/FTTB Solution

The DHS-3212V/DHS-3224V Stackable VDSL Switches are part of

D-Link's total solution for Fiber to the Home/Fiber to the Building that takes advantage of the VDSL-over-Ethernet technology.This solution includes:

- DV-600Bridge Remote Unit

- DHS-24SP VDSL to POTS Multi-port Splitter


High-speed public optical network access to multi-unit, multi-tenant buildings

Up to 15Mbps asymmetrical throughput

 Up to 1.5 km distance on any twisted-pair wiring, including the phone line

 24 VDSL ports per switch

Scalable expansion of up to 6 switches per stack

802.1p priority queues and per-port bandwidth control for QoS

802.1Q VLANs for complete tenant-to-tenant isolation, plus performance enhancement

Multicast with IGMP snooping brings on-line 

    video application to the home

    Power back-off algorithm support

    802.1x and other advanced access security

    SNMP and Web-based management & RMON monitoring

    Local loopback & far-end loopback test capability



Technical Specifications

 VDSLBridgeRemote Unit


Device Ports


- 24 VDSL ports (1 RJ-21 (Telco-50) connector)

- 1 stacking port (2 IEEE 1394 connectors)

- 1 open slot (for Ethernet connection)

- 1 RS-232 console port (DB-9 connector)

LED Indicators

- Power


- Ethernet link/Act

- Ethernet 10Mbps, 100Mbps speeds




Function Support

- Built-in ISDN/POTS splitter

- Sleep mode operation

- Power back-off algorithm

Symmetrical Data Transfer Rates

- 5Mbps @ 1,500 m (5,000 ft) distance from line terminal

- 10Mbps @ 1,200 m (4,000 ft) distance from line terminal

- 15Mbps @ 1,050 m (3,500 ft) distance from line terminal

Switch Functions

Quality of Service (QoS)

- Packet prioritization (per port):

Priority bits (IEEE 802.1p standard) in MAC destination & source addresses

4 priority queues

- Bandwidth control (per port)


- IGMP Snooping


- IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN

- Port-based VLAN

- Number of VLANs: 255 per device

Spanning Tree

- IEEE 802.1D standard


Switch Fabric

- 8.8 Gbps switch fabric

- 6.6 mpps (million packets per second)

Transmission Method



8K entries (per device)

RAM Buffer

8MBytes per device


- Dynamic entries: automatic update

- Static entries: user-defined


300 seconds

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