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SHDSL VPN Firewall Bridge/Router 

 The CCPAM 3000/3010 series is ideally designed for small businesses to use as a substitute for local leased lines. As a substitute of a local leased line, the device offers a perfect solution of symmetric transmission for SOHO and SME users to enjoy high-speed SHDSL broadband services, as well as bandwidth-consuming applications such as video conferencing with more ease and speed than ever before. The Quality of Service feature ensures a smooth net connection for inbound and outbound data with minimal traffic congestion. The router also supports IPSec VPN for users to create a secure data communications environment between two or more sites. An abundance of integrated firewall security features such as SPI, DoS attack prevention, and URL Content Filtering provide users unparalleled protection from hackers.

Product Name
 Symmetric Data Rate
CCPAM 3000
 2.3 Mbps (2-wire SHDSL)
CCPAM 3010
 4.6Mbps (4-wire SHDSL)


l       Supports Symmetric Data Rate of up to 2.3 Mbps / 4.6 Mbps.
l       High-speed Back-to-Back Connectivity for Bandwidth-consuming Applications
l       High-speed Internet Access with SHDSL                      
l       SOHO Firewall Security with DoS Prevention and SPI
l       Parental Control with URL Blocking and Packet Filtering
l       DiffServ Quality of Service Control 
l       Secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
l       Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) 
l       Available Syslog monitoring
l       Integrated 4-port Ethernet Switch
l       Ideal for Office Users
 Features & Specifications
SHDSL Compliance
• Compliant with ITU-T G.991.2 Standard
• Symmetric data rate of up to 2.3 Mbps / 4.6 Mbps
Network Protocols and Features
• NAT, routing and RIP-1/2
• Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Compliant
• Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
• Virtual Server and DMZ 
• SNTP, DNS relay and IGMP proxy
• Built-in NAT firewall
• Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
• Prevent DoS attacks including IP Spoofing, Land Attack, Smurf Attack, Ping of Death,             TCP SYN Flooding, etc.
• Packet Filtering – port, source IP address, destination IP address, MAC address
• URL Content Filtering – string or domain name detection in URL string
ATM and PPP Protocols
• ATM Adaptation Layer Type 5 (AAL5)
• Multiple Protocol over AAL5 (RFC 2684, formerly RFC 1483) 
• Bridged or routed Ethernet encapsulation
• VC and LLC based multiplexing
• PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
• PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
• Classical IP over ATM (RFC 1577)
• MAC Encapsulated Routing (RFC 1483 MER)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
• Embedded IPSec & PPTP client/server
• IKE key management 
• DES, 3DES and AES encryption for IPSec
• MPPE Encryption for PPTP
• L2TP over IPSec
• L2TP/PPTP/IPSec pass-through 
• Web-based GUI for remote and local management
• Firmware upgrade and configuration data upload and download via Web-based GUI
• Embedded Telnet server for remote and local management
• Available Syslog monitoring
• SNMP v3, MIB-I and MIB-II supported
• Supports DHCP server/client/relay
Quality of Service Control, 
• Supports the DiffServ approach
• Traffic prioritization and bandwidth management based-on IP protocol, port number and address
Operating Environment
• Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
• Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃
• Humidity: 20 ~ 95% non-condensing
 Hardware Specification
Physical Interface
• WAN: SHDSL port
• Console: PS2
• LAN: 4-port 10/100M auto-crossover (MDI/MDI-X) Switch
• Factory default reset button
• Power jack
• Power switch
Physical Specification
• Dimensions:  175mm x 121mm x 34mm
Power Requirement
• Input: 12V DC, 1A 


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