The box equipment provides 4/8 standard E1 interfaces, adopts PCM30/31 mode and supports various audio and data subscriber interfaces. It has unobstructed timeslot cross-connect capability among 4/8 E1 interfaces and all subscriber interfaces. Besides, the box equipment supports various clock modes so as to meet clock requirements in various applications. It is abundant in types of subscriber interfaces and can provide various 64k subscriber interfaces, n×64k interfaces, synchronous and asynchronous data interfaces and Ethernet interfaces.

   Adopting 19” 1U-high box structure, the equipment supports such installation modes as wall mounting and standard 19” chassis. It can provide a maximum of 8 E1 interfaces and up and down 30 channels of 64K services.

   Two power supply modes (DC and AC) are available for your choice.

   Service interfaces:

2-channel telephone service interfaces at office end or remote end (FXO, FXS);
2/4 audio interfaces (2/4WVP);
2/4 EM interfaces (2/4 WEM);
Hot line interfaces;
Magnetic telephone interfaces;
2100HZ carrier trunk interfaces;
ISDN (2B+D) service interfaces;
RS-232/RS-422/RS485 synchronous/asynchronous low-speed data interfaces;
N×64Kb/s interfaces (V.35);
64Kb/s codirectional interfaces (G.703);
10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet bridge interfaces;
High-fidelity broadcast interfaces;
Main features:

Modular design; compatibility with various subscriber interfaces; and intermixing capability.
The access and cross connect of 64 k and n x 64 k allow such applications as collection, summary and broadcast.
Flexible networking modes and high safety. In link networking mode, services of other stations will not be influenced in case of power failure of any medium station.
Optical transmission unit may be built in.
With perfect alarm performance monitoring, it can realize the remote monitoring of remote equipment.
Powerful network management capability and simple and convenient equipment maintenance.?

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