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Introduction to MISS Series Products

 Nowadays, optical fiber communications is becoming increasingly popular and standard E1 interfaces have been widely used in various fields. What troubles private network engineers most is how to flexibly and effectively realize the multi-service integrated access of audio, low-speed data, ISDN and computer at a comparatively low cost. On the basis of extensive market research,  Anycan Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has developed MISS series intelligent integrated access equipment by learning from others’ strong points and using the latest communications technologies in the world. The equipment provides an economic, reliable and effective solution for the data access of track traffic, electric power, railways, expressways, oil fields, coal mines, and armies.

Anycan Electronics Science& Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged to provide system-level solutions of integrated services access and transmission equipment. The solutions are composed of MISS series intelligent PCM access equipment, SDH/PDH optical transmission system and SWEC integrated services access platform. With the core of powerful cross-connect matrix (full cross-connect of E1 and 64K services), the solutions integrate various functions, including digital/analog access, multiplexing, cross-connect, transmission and protocol conversion. Adopting standardized structure, it realizes the access of various service interfaces in access networks and builds a uniform platform for integrated services access.

MISS intelligent integrated access equipment is characterized by modular structure, large capacity, rich interfaces, perfect protection mechanism, and flexible networking. In addition, it has perfect alarm monitoring and powerful network management functions. The company has own intellectual property rights. Products can be customized as per users’ special demands.

Application cases:
MISS series intelligent PCM access equipment of Anycan has been widely and successfully used in various private networks, including track traffic, electric power, coal mines and Party and government bodies. Besides, such telecommunications operators as China Telcom and Laos Telcom have also adopted the equipment. Thousands of ports of the equipment have been applied to networks.

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