• Products Name: MISS-PROFESSIONAL-IDM-240


    MISS-PROFESSIONAL-IDM-240 is a set of intelligent PCM access equipment with rich analog interfaces and a variety of data interfaces (such as POTS, Nx64K, V.35, G.703, 10BaseT, RS232/485/422, 2/4VEM and high fidelity broadcast), which is researched independently by Cortelco (Shanghai) Information & Technology Co., Ltd. Adopting modular intelligent bus design, the equipment has concise structure and flexible and powerful functions. Besides, it has established perfect protection mechanism. The product is especially applicable to private networks of track traffic, railways, electric power, public security organs, and armies.

  MISS-PROFESSIONAL-IDM-240 is composed of the following basic types of modules:
■ Power supply and ringing current module: PWR board, which provides the power supply and ringing current of the system;
■ Cross control module: CMU board, which completes management and control functions of the system and the cross connect, multiplexing and demultiplexing of services;
■ User module: USER board, which provides 15 slots for installing service interface modules. The access of various services is realized through different subcard selection.
■ System module: Backplane, which provides system bus and some interfaces.

  System features
● Modular and large-capacity design: 1 channel or 2 channels form a basic module. Modules have powerful generality. A maximum of up and down 240-channel 64K services can be accommodated in a single chassis.
● Rich subscriber interfaces: POTS, Nx64K, V.35, G.703, 10BaseT, RS232/485/422, 2/4VEM and high fidelity broadcast. Different kinds of subscriber interfaces are compatible and intermixable in assembly.
● Powerful cross ability: 64K cross-connect matrix of the built-in 2048X2048.
● Perfect protection mechanism: 1+1 hot back-up is provided for key parts of the system, including E1 interfaces, cross, clock, control, power supply and ringing current. 2M loop protection is provided to bus services. In link networking, the power failure of any station will not influence services of other stations. The equipment supports dual power input.
● Flexible networking modes: The system supports various networking modes, including point-to-point, link, star and ring.
● Perfect alarm monitoring functions: Working status can be displayed directly on the panel. Besides, the real-time monitoring of the entire network can be carried out through PC monitoring platform. Moreover, the equipment can provide alarm output interfaces.
● Powerful NM capability: With powerful NM capability, the system can manage a maximum of 16 subnets. Each subnet can manage a maximum of 128 NEs.

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