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MISS-OPT Fiber Optical Multiplexer equipment(FOM)
MISS-OPT the modular integrated optical transmission multiplexer is created with 4/8E1+100M full speed Ethernet capacity of transmission interfaces. The equipment also provides various interface modules for voice, data and video services in cities and industrial districts. Its optional interfaces support multiservice transmission of large customers and customer groups such as MSEs, governmental organizations, schools and intelligent residential areas. Open and standard interfaces are applied to guarantee prompt interlinking of various devices.
Equipment Features
 MISS-OPT is created with optical path interoperability, flexible structure and modular design. Its function modules are independent of each other but easy for assembly, which enables it to derive a series of optical multiplexer products with multiservice interfaces. The equipment is furnished with four modular slots. According to the networking requirements of different users, various kinds of interface modules can be employed. Users can also add or replace interface modules to accommodate to the requirements of different application environments to protect their existing investment. Meantime, the equipment allows users to activate expandable interfaces to adjust the scale of network interfaces based on business growth, so as to help realize real-time followup of network to business.
◆ 1+1 Optical Redundancy Backup: Protection of dual optical interface available to ensure that business will not be interrupted when one pair of optical fibres is confronted with failure. Supporting hot add/drop of optical interface, and fulfill switching without error code during hot add/drop.
◆ Flexible Configuration: 4/8E1 optical multiplexers and multiservice interfaces are derivable from main system board and different functional modules, to meet different user requirements and customizations.
◆ Various Functional Modules: User interface modules (N×64K V.35, FV.35, FXO/FXS, E/M, RS232/RS485, and etc.), order wire module, network management module (RS232, and Ethernet Interface, etc.), and alarm output terminal module, etc. available.
◆ Network management interface function:To apply the HyperTerminal Interface(CONSOLE) to configure the equipment ,The device itself is supplied with a LCD displayer for user to carry out configuration and management.
Optical port
Optical Source: LD
Speed of optical interface: 155Mbps
Quantity of interface: 2(work and protection)
Output Power: ≥ -9dBm (dual fiber)
Receiver Type: PINFET
Receiver Sensitivity: ≤ -35dBm (BER≤ 10-11) (dual fiber)
Type of Optical Connectors: FC/SC
Focus Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm
Detecting equipment: optical power meter, etc.
Optional Transmitting Distance: 0~40 km (40~120 km, to be customized)
Ethernet port
IEEE Standard  10/100Base-Tx
Connector      RJ-45
E1 port
Interface Bit Rate         2.048 Mbit/s ± 50 ppm
Impedance              75Ω unbalanced / 120Ω balanced
Interface Code Type      HDB3
Max. Input Port Frequency Bias    > ±81ppm
Max. Input Port Attenuation        ≥ 6dB
Allowable Input Port Jitte   18kHz ≥ 0.2UI
100kHz ≥ 0.2UI
Max. Output Jitter         LF limit f1~f4 < 0.25UI
HF limit f3~f4 < 0.05UI
Jitter Shifting Property     400Hz < 0.1UI
Reflecting Attenuation     51.2kHz~102.4kHz ≥ 12dB
102.4kHz~2048kHz ≥ 18dB
2048kHz~3072kHz ≥ 14dB
V.35 port
Standard      ITU V.35 DCE mode
Connector     ISO2593 Female
Timing Clock  Internal, Line, Terminal
Bit Rate      N*64Kbps(N=1~32)
Physical Parameters
Dimension: 440 mm(W) × 43.5 mm(H) × 220 mm(D)
Weight: < 6.0 kg
Rack Type: EIA 19" Rack
Power Supply 
Input Voltage: AC 220 V / DC-48 V
Voltage Fluctuation: 165 VAC~265 VAC or -36 VDC~-72 VDC
Power        ≤40 W
Environmental Requirement
Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ +40℃
Storage Temperature: -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative Humidity: ≤ 85% (30℃)


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