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  • Products Name: 8FX+4ETH+RS232 2M Voice MUX

Production function
This multiplex provides conversion between ITU-T G.703standard framing E1 interface and Ethernet interfaceand transmit 1-8 voice signals through E1channel,can realize long-distance extension of phone line and Ethernet channel through E1 channel.E1 signal can be transmitted by communication equipment . 4 channels Ethernet interface have the exchange function, the same as the network transmission, it is especially suitable for users of special network and can supply date and voice connection simultaneously for them through single E1 channel. 

It can distill timeslot from G.703 E1random,and compose N*64KN=1~32V.35channelV.35 is selectyou can select any of them between it and 4 channels Ethernet interface)。
RS232 channel can transmit CONasynchronism date and baud rate auto-adaptive ,the rang of baud rate is 300-19200, It also can be used to transmit Console date of remote router. It has console port, supports super terminal control device. Local device can auto-loop back and can configure console port of remote device through RS232 channel.   

production  characteristic

  • Realize monitor of remote equipment from local equipment( Having two row of LEDs, upper row indicate local status, lower row indicate remote status.)
  • provide4 channels Ethernet interface
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces 10M/100Mfull/half duplex auto-adaptable, support VLAN
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces support channel isolation function, and can setting VLAN based on TAG
  • Provide 3kinds of loo-back fuctionE1self-looping at local end, Ethernet self-looping at local end, and Ethernet being ordered to self-looping at remote end
  • Can realize local device order remote device to auto-rate setting
  • Ethernet can support N*64krate, the range of rate is64K-1984K
  • V.35support N*64krate, the range of rate is 64K-1984K(can select betweenv.35 and Ethernet random)
  • V.35 support hot-plug, and can connect with DTE and DCE devices
  • Has self-reset function of Ethernet monitoring, equipments will not die
  • With abundant presentation function of Ethernet date, can detect real-time data communication status
  • Provide 1-8 audio throwin, support incoming call display, and inverted polarity charging.
  • Support function of signal transmission among all end points
  • voice port support o port and s portor E&M2/4 line port ,o port connect with switch, s port connect with telephone.
  • Have Console portsupport super terminal control device
  • RS232 can transmit asynchronism 300-19200 self adapt console date
  • RS232 can also transmit console date of remote router.
  • Can configure console port of remote device through RS232 channel

Echincal date
Interface Rate  n*64Kbpsn=1~32
interface standard according with G.703
Jitter tolerance  according with G.742  and G.823
clock type
 inter clock line clock 

Ethernet interfaceRJ45
rate    10M/100M auto-adaptable
 support IEEE 802.3IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
    RJ45 socket , support Auto-MDIX
work mode
    full/half auto-adaptable

 MAC address table   can learn1024MAC address

rate  n*64Kbpsn=1~31
interface standardcomply withV.35
interface type
clock type
  G.70resume clockinner clockouter clock

asynchromism date interface
 300-19200bps auto-adaptable
interface standard
  comply with ITU-T V.24

alarm voltage    75V
alarm frequency    25HZ
2 line input impedance600Ω(hang off)

Alarm detecting voltage35V
Alarm detecting frequency17HZ-60HZ
2 line input impedance600Ω(hang off)

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